A La Carte (November 18)


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200 Calories – I’m kind of jealous that Americans get to celebrate Thanksgiving soon, so I thought I’d ruin it by sharing what 200 calories of many different foods looks like.

Count to Three in Hebrew – Was Jesus in the tomb for 3 days, or for 1 and half?

Technology and the Glory of God – If you’re in or near Ames, Iowa, why don’t you consider coming to this conference coming up in a couple of weeks.

Atheist Kids’ Songs – Tim Hawkins proposes kids’ songs for atheists. (HT)

What Kills Us – Here is a chart displaying what kills us. (See “200 Calories” above to explain the #1 killer.)

Don’t Adopt – Russell Moore tells you why you shouldn’t adopt. Kind of.

10 Things About Evangelicals – Warren Cole Smith lists ten things he wishes everyone knew about Evangelicals.

Beware of those who feed your ego. Befriend those who feed your soul. —Lecrae