A La Carte (November 28)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

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When God’s Sovereign Will Seems Inscrutable

“Sometimes God’s sovereign will seems inscrutable, especially when it involves His allowing overwhelming trial or crushing disappointment. Or when He permits the thwarting of what consecrated Christians had become thoroughly convinced was in keeping with His plan and would bring great glory to Him.” Vance Christie illustrates this from Elisabeth Elliot’s life.

Not-Really-Already-But-Definitely-Not Yet

Samuel James: “For the last few years I’ve thought much about what happens to our relationships, our beliefs, and even our minds when the whole range of human experience is translated to a digital medium.”

Nothing is Impossible…

“When you face things that are impossible it can bring up many questions. What will happen if we cannot make ends meet? Will my wayward child ever come back to the Lord? Will I always be alone? Will I get better? What if my friend or family member never comes to know Jesus?”

Benefits of Giving Thanks

Barbara Harper: “Though our US holiday of Thanksgiving is over, giving thanks should continue. This year I saw some benefits to thanksgiving, some of which I don’t remember noticing before.”

External bodies are advisory, not authority

This is common-sense but important. “If you are an independent, the independency of the local church is something you kind of camp out on. It’s not some side issue. It is fundamental to what you believe about the church and, therefore, fundamental to who you are as a church. This is never more true than when it comes to matters of church discipline.”

Injustice: The Gratitude Snatcher

This would be good to ponder post-Thanksgiving. “No one wants to walk in ingratitude, and yet gratitude can be so quickly snatched from us.”

Flashback: The Sad, Sad Story You Need To Tell God

“You have lost the light of God’s face, not because He has arbitrarily withdrawn it, but because your iniquities have come between you and your God; and your sins, like a cloud before the sun, have hid His face from you.”

Every time you get angry, you make your values and point of view explicit. —David Powlison