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A La Carte (November 4)


Grace and peace to you on this fine day.

(Yesterday on the blog: A Year of Sorrow, a Year of Gratitude, a Year of Grace)

Does It Really Matter Whether Adam Was the First Man?

Michael Reeves: “The simple aim of this article is to show that, far from being a peripheral matter for fussy literalists, it is biblically and theologically necessary for Christians to believe in Adam as a historical person who fathered the entire human race.”

Can a Christian Believe in Evolution?

Gregg Allison says there are two different forms of theistic evolution, then asks “Does either version of theistic evolution fit with Scripture? To answer, we need to look at church history and historical Christian doctrine.”

7 Questions about the Septuagint

If you’ve ever wondered what the Septuagint is all about and why it matters, this may help.

Abortion Is Unjust Discrimination

Alan Shlemon: “Abortion-choice advocates consider their view morally superior. They believe they are defending a woman’s right to control her body. What they don’t realize, though, is that their position leads to an act of unjust discrimination.”

The Purpose of Suffering

Sylvia Schroeder has a good article about suffering and the purpose behind it. “Almost three years had passed, since our daughter’s illness, but the pain hadn’t lifted. It wrapped around me like a lead blanket. Peter, Jesus’ disciple and I were buds.”

This Old House

“Is it just me, or is our house falling apart? That’s a rhetorical question—of course it isn’t just me. ‘Falling apart’ has become a rising chorus on both ends of the political spectrum and everywhere in between. I’ve never seen it this bad is a continuing refrain. From my perspective of 70-plus years, the 1970s may have been objectively worse, but seeds sown then appear to be reseeding and reinventing themselves now. How do we understand it?”

Lift Up Your Head

“After Halloween comes Christmas—the light of the world entered the darkness, and at Easter, overcame it once and for all.”

Flashback: Why It Matters that We Call the Final Book of the Bible Revelation, not Revelations

The difference is subtle—a single “s.” Yet that little letter, in its own way, changes the very nature of the book. It matters.

God…invites us into a spiritual family of misfits and outcasts. He welcomes us into a home that’s rarely what we want yet just what we need.

—Collin Hansen & Jonathan Leeman

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