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A La Carte (October 11)


Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. And happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.

I am down in Louisville visiting Abby for a couple of days. If you spend time on the SBTS campus and see me, please say hi!

There is a long list of Kindle deals to work through today.

That Are Not of This Fold

“We, like Jesus’ initial Jewish followers, tend to believe that there are certain types of people who believe, and certain types of people who really don’t. Those similar to us almost always fall into the category of ‘likely open to belief.’ And groups we are naturally opposed to often end up in the category of ‘unlikely to believe.’” Such a view permeates every time and every culture.

Prayer as Reverent Conversation

Jared Wilson: “I characterize prayer as ‘spilling your guts’ — to say that we can pray as if we are simply having a conversation with our heavenly Dad, is not to say that we ought to be irreverent or disrespectful. God does not require that we grovel in self-loathing or jump through religious hoops to talk to him, but this does not mean we speak to him as if he is not the perfectly holy Lord of All.”

The Body is More Than a Tool

Carl Trueman looks at the modern understanding of the body and explains why it is so very harmful. “That notion—that the body is merely an appendage—is clear in the strangely external way the brief talks about the body. “

How Studying the Bible Restores the Soul

Life is more than existence. It is more than survival. God’s word makes us aware of where we are and who we are. God’s word stretches our minds, helps us see how things really are, and shapes our actions. God’s word teaches us what words to say to God. Those who read often and well find that it gives life. (Sponsored Link)

Thrown Under the Bus

I enjoyed Andrée Seu Peterson’s thoughts on being thrown under the bus.

Not Easily Offended

“A friend of mine has often reminded me that most friendships among professing believers cannot bear more than a single offense. People in the church are so easily offended that they are ready to write off another believer over the most insignificantly offensive word or actions. This betrays the fact that we have not learned to bear long with one another and to forgive one another.”

What Is The Greatest Difference Between Reformed Theology And Non-reformed Theology? (Video)

Robet Godfrey explains here.

The Weight and Wound of the Word

“The Bible is miraculously cohesive, but it is not uniform. Different portions were given for different purposes; distinct authors at distinct moments to distinct audiences.” Ryan explains in this article.

Flashback: Sexual Morality in a Christless World

The former morality, based on the Christian scriptures, is being shoved aside by a new one that not only departs from the Bible, but outright rejects it.

If we claim to be Christians, we may not choose whom we will love.

—J.R. Miller

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