A La Carte (October 12)

Today’s Kindle deals include some you may want to get for your children.

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This weeks deals from Westminster Books are on some excellent books for kids.

What is the Age of Accountability? (Video)

Is there an age of accountability? Dr. Stephen Wellum answers in Honest Answers from Southern Seminary.

A Face I Won’t Forget

I think we all look back with some regrets like these.

Should a Couple Be Financially Stable before Getting Married?

This is a pretty good answer to a common question.

Martin Luther – Father of the Reformation

This short biography of Martin Luther will get your orientated with the life of the Reformer. (Also consider watching this documentary on the life of Luther.)

Why Shouldn’t We Trust the Non-Canonical Gospel Attributed to Mark?

“The Gospel of Mark is a reliable account of the life and ministry of Jesus, but this ancient document isn’t the only text attributed to this companion of Paul, Peter and Barnabas. Another slightly less ancient text called the Secret Gospel of Mark claims to have been written by the same man who wrote the gospel we accept as reliable. But is this non-canonical text reliable? Was it really written by Mark?”

What Should We Expect of our Church Members?

At Grace Fellowship Church we have very similar expectations of members.

Our Three Neighborhoods

“I have categorized our neighbors into three relationship groups which I will call neighborhoods. Each neighborhood will be introduced based on its proximity and importance to you. Everyone in your life is equally important to God, but hopefully not everyone is equally important to you, because…well, you’re not God.”

Flashback: Danger Signs of an Unhealthy Dating Relationship

What are some danger signs of an unhealthy dating relationship? Lou Priolo’s books have often been helpful to me and this has proven the case once more with a little booklet he’s written on this very subject. He offers a long list of danger signs, but I want to focus on just 6 of them, on the ones I’ve seen most often.

Don’t choose a pastor because of his winning personality but because of his godly character. —Mark Dever