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A La Carte (October 12)


May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

Those who hunt for Kindle deals will find another small collection today.

(Yesterday on the blog: How Joni Eareckson Tada Blessed Me (Forty Years Ago))

The Joy of Knowledge

Have you ever noticed that greater knowledge is often the key that unlocks greater enjoyment? This article explains it well.

‘No’ to Trans, ‘Yes’ to Gay Marriage: Will This Be the New Normal?

Glen Scrivener: “More and more, public aspects of British society are expressing a skeptical no to key aspects of the trans movement. And yet, however much people might feel it to be a return to ‘common sense,’ this isn’t a return to a Christian vision. Not yet.”

Random Thoughts About Unity In The Church

Kyle offers some helpful thoughts here about unity in the church. “As a churchman, it breaks my heart to see brothers separated and divided over issues in many of our congregations, presbyteries, and denominations. I have friends from all over the Reformed World and many of us are dealing with issues. I want to give some general thoughts about our present needs.”

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Confronting a Brother or Sister in Christ

Somewhat related, here are ten questions to ask yourself before you confront another person about their sin.

“Did Jesus and the apostles preach the right doctrine from the wrong Old Testament texts?” (Video)

You’ve probably heard before that Jesus and the Apostles preached sound doctrine but did so from texts they misused. G.K. Beale responds to that idea in this short video.

You Are Not Invisible to God

Sylvia Schroeder writes poignantly here. “My daughter, in her power chair changes how I look at others. People once invisible to me, catch my eye now. I can see them with my heart.” She describes an example of that very thing.

Flashback: Positive Purity

Sexual purity is not ultimately about what to avoid, but what to pursue and what to enjoy. It’s about putting those old and ugly behaviors to death in order to free yourself to pursue the better ones. God wants to free you from sin so you can enjoy his gifts.

If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him.

—C.T. Studd

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