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A La Carte (October 20)

Today’s Kindle deals include an eclectic collection of interesting titles.

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At Least as Dangerous as Porn

“Not to diminish the dangers of sexual sin (1 Corinthians 6:9–11), but have you ever noticed that the New Testament issues more dire warnings against the spiritual dangers of material prosperity than sexual immorality? Jesus didn’t say it’s harder for a sexually immoral person to get into heaven than a camel to squeeze through a needle’s eye. He said it about rich people. And most people who read this live in one of the richest nations in the history of the world.”

Who Should Teach Your Kids—Harvey or Hildebrand?

As the Harvey Weinstein scandal rumbles on, it is clear that no amount of money donated to liberal causes will purchase him a ‘get out of jail free’ card. Even in an amoral age such as ours, sexual assault can prove an unforgivable sin.”

American Daily Routine

Here is an interesting visualization of the average person’s daily routine.

Worship Already in Progress

“We’ve arrived on the scene and we’re fashionably late. In fact, when our church family gathers to worship on Sunday mornings in Kansas City, my brothers and sisters on the East Coast are already singing. What’s more, the entire eastern hemisphere is already into their Sunday evening and some are even easing their way into the wee morning hours of a Monday.”

Keeping Kids Safe From Sexual Predators

I know you don’t want to read this, but you probably should.

Does the Fertility Clinic Illustration Disprove the Value of Human Embryos?

You may have heard someone use the fertility clinic illustration to disprove the value of human embryos. Here is a good response.

Your Church Can Be a Gospel Culture

Ray Ortlund: “Here are four categories of speech that church leaders should keep in mind at all times…”

Flashback: Why You May Be Tempted To Neglect Your Church

Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” This passage warns us not to neglect local church fellowship and participation, and also hints at the reasons we may do so.

Pride doesn’t listen. It knows.

—Kevin Vanhoozer

  • The Hands and Feet of the Bible

    The Hands and Feet of the Bible

    The Bible has life and the Bible brings life because it has been spoken by God. The Bible’s life, its voice, its feet, and hands are the life, voice, feet, and hands of God extended toward his people. For that reason among others it is always worthy of our time, our attention, and our dedication.

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    Weekend A La Carte (July 20)

    A La Carte: The wedding of the century / Why grieving people need a theology of giving / God desires your happiness / Sincere love and hospitality in the church / Real life is a better teacher than social media / and more.

  • Free Stuff Fridays (MBTS)

    This week Free Stuff Fridays is sponsored by Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. For the Church Institute is a free online platform from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary designed to provide free and accessible theological training to equip, encourage, and edify local churches. Courses may be taken as a self-paced individual or as a group within your…

  • A Field Guide on Gender and Sexuality

    A Field Guide on Gender and Sexuality

    God’s design for gender and sexuality is fixed and unchanging. The way he created us is the way he means for us to live. The instruction he provides in the Bible is all we need to understand his purpose and live it out in a way that honors and pleases him. The wisdom he provides…

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    A La Carte (July 19)

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    A La Carte (July 18)

    A La Carte: Does Christian sex need rescuing? / 15 resolves for interpersonal conflicts / How senior pastors can help associate pastors / it’s okay to be okay / Don’t be proud of what you had no say in / How sweet! / Kindle deals / and more.