A La Carte (October 23)

Today’s Kindle deals include several excellent and reader-friendly church history resources. There are a couple of others as well.

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Wildlife Photography of the Year

Here is some eye candy for you.

The Spirit Always Works through the Word

“It’s important that we wrestle with what’s going on in our culture, the shifts in beliefs and behaviors especially. But if anyone is going to make a convincing argument on why Christians need to change their views on a number of key controversial issues, it’s not going to be pitting the Spirit against Scripture.”

3 Ways Pastors and Church Leaders Undermine Themselves on Social Media

Ed Stetzer: “Pastors and church leaders need to be in social media spaces. Here are three basic ways I see pastors and church leaders undermine themselves on social media, and some ideas about how to avoid these missteps…”

How ‘LBGT Affirming’ is Like King James-Onlyism

Those are two things you don’t expect to see in the same headline!

The Christianophobia of the Rich

“Hostility against Christians among the general public has not increased over the last three decades. But who has hostility against Christians has changed. Today more anti-Christian bias is coming from the rich. Because wealthy people have more power, their hostility is amplified.”

His Mercy Is More

I sang this song for the first time at Boyce College (when I was there on the weekend). I found it quite moving.

The Wounds of a Friend

“Proverbs says, Faithful are the wounds of a friend. Sometimes, we need friends who will be that surgeon. Not just someone to hold our hand or whisper soothing words, but someone who will confront the tumor and battle with us to destroy it.”

Friendship is Not a Two-Way Street

“Maybe the friendship has run its course. Not all friendships are forever, and friendships wane in intensity. But I urge you to not give up too quickly. What if Jesus decided he was going to stop pursuing us because he wasn’t getting anything out of the relationship?”

Flashback: 18 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Kids

Like most parents, I have those moments where guilt and regret comes over me like a wave. I consider then how much of my parenting time has already passed by and how little remains. When that wave rises up, when I feel like I could drown beneath all that regret, I sometimes consider those things I will never regret.

Jehovah has power enough without borrowing from our puny arm. —C.H. Spurgeon