A La Carte (October 4)

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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I added a few Kindle deals to look through.

I noticed that Amazon is having a big one-day sale on board games—something I always take note of when it comes up about twice a year. There are deals listed here and here. Lately we’ve been enjoying the Exit games as well as Photosynthesis.

(Yesterday on the blog: When Blooming Youth Is Snatched Away)

Should I Look for a Better Job?

“How do you know when to take another job? I’ve been at my current workplace for two years. Everything is fine here, but I think I could push myself harder and learn more at another employer. Is it time to move on?” This is a solid answer to a common question.

Christian Practice In The Face Of Corrupt Police

“The police. They have often been ranked as the most corrupt sector of many African governments. These should-be law and justice enforcers are often seen acting as decided obstructionists. It’s hard to argue that police corruption in the form of bribery and extortion is not endemic in our continent. This is especially true in Sub-Saharan Africa.” I appreciated Daniel Gachuki’s take on police corruption.

We Believe: Confessions

There is a new issue of Credo Magazine to read. It’s available for free!

Biblical Justice vs. Mob Justice

Denny Burk looks at some differences between biblical justice and mob justice. “A large part of the drama of A Tale of Two Cities is the depiction of mob justice. What happens when the social order disintegrates, and due process and the rule of law are lost? What happens is that the rights of the accused get trampled under foot.”

The Church as a Radical Welcoming Community

“If all of the people we talk to and share meals with at church are like us, we are not being the community we should be. The church should be a place where everyone is welcome and feels welcome. At church gatherings, we should see older people speaking to teenagers, men speaking to women, singles speaking to marrieds, and those with children speaking to those who do not.”

An Earnest Love

Blake Long: “We are always bickering over something. Maybe it’s high time to express earnest love for those of whom we disagree? Perhaps it’s time to lay down our preferences, lay down our desires, lay down our egos and love each other—even in our disagreements. There has been far too much earnest condescension and not enough earnest love.”

The Gentleness of God

This is a sweet look at our gentle God. “He is indeed great and terrible, to be feared above all other gods; but this only serves to accentuate the wonder of his gentleness and deepen our loving reverence for him. More than this, it provides a vital perspective on his dealings with us – especially when we find ourselves in the midst of seemingly harsh providences.”

Flashback: Hand in Hand, Heart Linked to Heart

My sister shared these words with me–words written by Susannah Spurgeon after the death of her husband Charles. She reflects on life together and the Lord who gives and takes away. They are sweet and precious words.

Most frequently we fail in not continuing in prayer until the blessing is obtained, and in not expecting the blessing. —George Müller