A La Carte (October 6)

May the Lord bless and keep you today.

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Carry a Candle

“Our very finite and fragile ability to love individuals around us is a gift. And it is also a candle. A profound flicker of light in this hard place. I understood that I needed to shelter it.” This writer reflects on her inability to bear all the sorrow of this world.

Love Like My Mom

This is such a sweet reflection on a brother’s grief and a mother’s love.

Censorship Isn’t Christians’ Biggest Social Media Problem

This article is really important. “A lot of Christians are concerned about social media censorship. Too few are concerned about social media discipleship. This isn’t surprising. We are more interested in the ways we can form the world than we are with the ways the world is forming us. This isn’t to say social media/internet censorship isn’t a problem. It certainly is. But I worry we as Christians are more interested in protecting our expression than we are our hearts.”

4 Reasons Pastors Should Consider Quitting Social Media

And in a somewhat similar vein: “Pastors should be especially aware of how the digital age is changing our parishioners and ourselves. There are benefits to having at our fingertips encyclopedic information, news updates, and virtual access to others. There are dangers, too. I believe the downsides of social media and overabundant digital information outweigh the benefits.”

Biology’s Divorce from Teleology

“The medical community has historically presupposed all human organs were designed to perform a function. The study of design is called teleology. The heart is designed to pump blood, the eye is made to see, and muscles are meant to move joints. Every part of the body is intended to do something in particular.” I, for one, am skeptical that biology can long survive the separation from teleology.

Ocean Depth Comparison (Video)

Videos like this help me better appreciate the wonders of God’s creation.

Handling Disagreement

I don’t know where this little series is going to go, but I expect it will be interesting. “What does a Dutch Prime Minister born nearly two centuries ago have to say about contemporary debates over the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines? As it turns out, quite a bit.”

Flashback: 6 Reasons For You To Consider Writing

You can use your words to influence others toward godliness, whether that is the people in your home, the people in your church, or people around the world.

When things are going well with us we may content ourselves with talking about the Lord; but when the sky darkens we hasten to deal with Him and talk to Him directly. —F.B. Meyer