A La Carte (October 7)

Crossway has discounts on some excellent titles today. Check the Kindle deals page to see them.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Sing We the Song of Emmanuel)

7 Key Concepts for Biblical Preaching

There 7 solid concepts in this article that will serve every preacher.

Reconfiguring The American Household

There’s lots here that’s interesting, but what most gripped me was the animated chart about halfway down that shows over the past few decades the change in where and with whom 26-year-olds have lived. The times they are a-changing!

A Word About the Worship Center Doors

I appreciate this take on being to church on time. “This is a basic principle of love for your neighbor. I want to arrive early enough on Sunday, so I do not hinder my neighbor’s worship”

Snopes vs the Babylon Bee (Video)

Snopes keeps fact-checking the Babylon Bee. The headline here says Snopes doesn’t get the jokes, but I rather expect they do and just don’t like the punchlines.

David Bentley Hart’s Lonely, Last Stand for Christian Universalism

David Bentley Hart of Norte Dame is one of the world’s foremost “academic theologians.” This excellent article reviews his most recent book and shows how and why it falls so far short.

Boris Johnson and Hypocritical Pastors

The UK’s Boris Johnson provides an interesting study on the character of the pastor and his need to demonstrate integrity between his home life and public life.

Announcements at Church

My problem isn’t that churches do announcements—it’s that they often do them badly and in a way that disrupts the service. In this article you’ll read some reasons you ought to continue to do them (but to do them well).

Flashback: Daddy, How Do I Look?

God, protect her. God, keep her. She’s yours anyway, right? She’s mine for a day and yours for eternity. Bless her. Remember her.

Oh that men were half as careful in God’s service to serve him wisely, as his enemies are to attack his kingdom craftily. —Charles Spurgeon