A La Carte (October 7)

It turned into an okay day for Kindle deals today, so it’s worth taking a look.

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Westminster Books has a deal on Good News for Little Hearts, a series for children.

Leading People to Long for the Day of the Lord

Trevin Wax reflects on the importance of living with anticipation for the Day of the Lord.

This Isn’t Going to Be as Easy as it Looks

Keith Mathison: “There are moments when we simply feel overwhelmed. This can happen with school, work, or family matters. It can happen as a result of any number of things — bad news from the doctor, a broken water pipe in your wall or attic, severe weather, or simply watching the fearmongering on the nightly news. Difficult situations arise on an almost daily basis. How we respond to these situations is the issue. Do we respond in fear or do we respond in faith?”

Walk With Luther. 500 Years to the Day.

It’s 1520. A monk by the name of Martin Luther has been declared a heretic by Pope Leo X. Luther is left with a choice: will he recant his teachings or stand alone for the truth? Subscribe now to the newest podcast from Ligonier Ministries, Luther: In Real-Time, to ensure that you can hear each episode exactly 500 years after key moments in the German Reformer’s life. (Sponsored Link)

How to Pray for the African Church

Conrad Mbewe suggests a few ways we can all pray for the African church.

Parents, Waste Time With Your Kids

It’s good advice, this. “Parents, waste some time with your kids, because time wasted with your kids is an investment you will never regret. Not every moment you spend with your children needs to be carefully planned or rehearsed. Go fishing. Play a video game. Go for a walk or take a bike ride.”

The Gutenberg Parenthesis

There is some evidence that our culture is shifting from a preference for consuming information by reading to consuming it in an oral or visual form. If that’s the case, this is an overstatement (but a helpful one) of the challenge before us. “Preachers who have been trained to turn Jesus’ parables into logical, alliterated, three-point sermons are going to have to learn to take Paul’s epistles and present them as stories.”

Cancel Culture Comes To Chapel

WORLD reports on an interesting example of cancel culture coming to chapel. “The novelist Philip Roth once wrote, ‘Satire is moral outrage transformed into comic art.’ If that’s true, you have to wonder what kind of funny fake news the Babylon Bee is going to mine from a campus debacle last week involving the satirical news website’s CEO, Seth Dillon.”

Flashback: The Servers and the Servicers in Every Church

We better understand why some people seem to come alive through worship services and shrivel when called upon to serve too often while others come alive when serving consistently and wilt when they go too long between opportunities.

Here’s how to save the planet: God needs to restore our humanity, break the power of the devil, free us from our fear of death, and atone for our sins. This is what he has done in the person of Christ. —Tim Chester