A La Carte (October 9)

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Why the End of Marriage in Eternity Is Good News

John Piper explains why the end of marriage in eternity is actually good news.

God is Not Ashamed of You

“You see, God’s not disgusted with you. He doesn’t wince when you pray. He doesn’t blush when you admit to someone who asks if you believe in him. He’s unashamed of you. He loves you. He’s loved you before he created the world.”

How a Church Can Help or Harm a Newly Adoptive Family

This is some very practical advice for churches when a member adopts a child.

When Did Teen Girls Stop Commonly Getting Married? (Video)

This video tells when exactly it was that teenaged girls stopped getting married.

Clinging to the Crutch

“Some people say, derisively, that Christianity is a crutch.  And to that I say Amen.  Glory Hallelujah.  Give me that crutch.  Because I am crippled.  More like paralyzed, actually.”

Scientists Somehow Just Discovered a New System of Vessels in Our Brains

An article like this makes me wonder when and if we will ever discover all there is to discover about the human body.

Sanctification — Belonging, not Behaving

“Sanctification is much bigger than simply becoming more like Jesus. As glorious as that is, sanctification is God’s planned cosmic restoration happening before our very eyes.”

Flashback: The Major Life Decision That Put My Theology to the Test

I had to make a decision that would impact my life, my family, and my church. It was grueling and it put my theology to the test.

God, and God alone, can take bloody violence, arrogant injustice, cunning cruelty and bend it all around to serve a redemptive purpose. —Ray Ortlund