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A La Carte (September 15)


I have done a couple of interviews in the past days and wanted to link to them: Equipped with Chris Brooks on Moody Radio; and No Lasting City podcast.

Today’s Kindle deals include a very long list of works, many of them academic.

(Yesterday on the blog: A Conversation with Alistair Begg & Bob Lepine)

The Fight of My Life (Listener Discretion Advised)

The Fight of My Life is a tragic yet well-written, well-produced, and immersive “podcast experience that journeys with Ruby, through the hell of an online sex trafficking den and out again to the light of justice, healing and restoration.” It is difficult to listen to, yet tells a story that is shockingly common. Though it is written with appropriate discretion, it deals with a difficult topic, so listener discretion is advised.

A Prayer for the Smartphone Hooked Christian

Eddie Ssemakula’s prayer could probably speak for just about any of us.

Judge Not

Kevin DeYoung: “It is not uncommon to meet people who seem to know only three verses from the Bible: ‘Judge not’ (Matt. 7:1), ‘God is love’ (1 John 4:16), and ‘Let him who is without sin … be the first to throw a stone’ (John 8:7). These people—professing Christians or not—are not really interested in understanding the Bible on its own terms. They are happy to sloganize the Scriptures if it suits their purposes.”

The Need for Confession in a “Copy” and “Edit” Age

“God, in His infinite wisdom, has made transparency and confession a necessary component of spiritual health. If we are to grow in Christ, then we must allow someone, or a few someones, to see beyond the cropped and edited version of ourselves.”

On Losing Consciousness In Public

Seth’s old habit of suddenly losing consciousness in public has him thinking about other matters.

We Remain Stagnant Under Unrepentance

“My friend wounded me again. As he perused my recent Facebook posts, I sank in my chair. Post after post was harsh, antagonizing, and self-aggrandizing. I wrote and spoke as though I was an authority figure on any and every topic I engaged with on my page. He graciously called me to repentance as we sipped hot coffee in his loft apartment.”

Flashback: The Ministry of Being a Little Bit Further Along

The great majority of the help people need as they navigate life’s trials, the great bulk of the counsel people seek as they encounter life’s questions, does not require the input of experts, but merely the attention of someone who knows God and who knows his Word.

It is easier to build temples than to be temples to God.

—Matthew Henry

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