A La Carte (September 25)

When Someone Reaches Out – Christine Hoover touches on something important here: “The people who tend to struggle to connect are those who take a long while to reach out for the hands that are extended to them.” She offers good advice for joining into the life of a church.

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Derek Jeter Isn’t the Greatest Player Ever – Here’s a video for the baseball fans (Note: there’s some minor language in it.)

Coming Home from War – I really enjoyed Greg Lucas’ article on family and life with a severely disabled child.

How Busy People Read – Here’s an article from Fast Company on how busy people find time to read.

7 Real-Life Reasons Women’s Blogs Go Cold – This is a follow-up to the article I shared yesterday on why blogs have gone cold.

Encourage One Another – Read this article about being an encourager and creating a culture of encouragement.

Scripture Memory Songs – You can use coupon code challies to get 25% off these two new Scripture memory albums for kids. (Listen to God Created and it will be in your head all day!)

To fear God is to have such a holy awe of God upon our hearts, that we dare not sin. —Thomas Watson