A La Carte (September 4)

Today’s Kindle deals include quite a strong collection of books.

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This month’s free book from Christian Audio is Fire Road by Kim Phuc.

Those Hurricane Maps Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

Here’s how to properly read the hurricane maps we always see on the news.

When the Threat Isn’t Real

“‘Rachel, women feel threatened by differences.’ These few words have illuminated the way I understand myself and other women in the church. From personalities to professional callings, Christian women are a diverse bunch. This was true of biblical women, and it’s still true today. The perceived ‘threat’ of these differences has been impacting church life for centuries.”

The Running Pastor (Video)

What a neat video about Sverri Steinholm, a pastor from the Faroe Islands. As you may surmise from the title, he runs. The video is far more about his running than his pastoring. Also, I am going to add the Faroe Islands to my list of places I need to visit!

Were the Earliest Christians Only Concerned about Oral Tradition?

It’s commonly said that the earliest Christians weren’t concerned about written documents, but only oral tradition. Michael Kruger disagrees and provides pretty good evidence for his case.

A Field Guide from the Abyss

The newest issue of Ligonier’s Tabletalk magazine is “A Field Guide from the Abyss.” It “considers the many ways that Satan attempts to tear down the church, and it will present these attempts creatively in the form of a training manual for demons.”

I’m Not A Robot (Video)

You know those little boxes that make you click to confirm that you’re human? Or the ones that make you identify which parts of a photo contain signs? Here’s the scoop on what they are and why they exist.

America’s First Opioid Epidemic

From The Saturday Evening Post: “As the country struggles with a terrible opioid crisis, we remember a similar epidemic that raged through the U.S. in the 1800s.” Parenting tip: Don’t drug your kids so you can go to prayer meeting.

Flashback: You Must Put Sin to Death

The world, the flesh, and the devil tell us to pursue our sin, to enjoy our sin, to go deeper and deeper into our sin, to identify ourselves by our sin, to become our sin. God’s Word tells us to identify our sin, to hate our sin, to destroy our sin.

Let those refuse to sing that never knew our God. —Isaac Watts