A La Carte (September 7)

I’m really looking forward to speaking at the Standing Firm conference later this month right here in Oakville. Other speakers include H.B. Charles Jr, Al Mohler, and Crawford Loritts. As far as I know, there are still tickets available.

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(Yesterday on the blog: How Should You Dispose of a Bible ?)

How to Encourage Your People Just Like the Apostle Paul

As a faithful pastor, you pray for your congregation. So do I. Specifically, I like to pray through a portion of our membership directory each day. However, I have found that adding one small activity to this prayer time tends to produce good fruit fast.” Perhaps you should try it!

The Gospel & Class: Risky Business

This one comes from the U.K. “Unlike Paul, the majority of UK churches and Christian organisations are risk-averse. In fact, they minimise as many risks as possible, especially when recruiting elders/ministers and when church planting. Church plants will often be in a city centre location, and target professionals and students. When it comes to recruiting, church plants will start with a safe pair of hands. A planter who is a great speaker, picked from a great church, after studying in a great seminary with a great mentor.”

Resisting the Irresistible

There’s going to come a time when the younger generation of Christians who are sick of being marketed to say ‘Enough is enough!’ But not before we get one more book that promises to uncover the secret to the Christian faith that has been lost in the mists of time. A secret that will change everything. Again.” This is kind of a book review that makes some great points.

“No Goods and Services”: What Our Church’s Financial Secretary Sent Us

At the risk of letting my right hand know what my left hand is doing, I will state here openly that our family regularly gives a non-zero amount of dollars to our church. I have proof of this, because recently our church sent out to all of its givers their quarterly Contribution Statements. And on it, a sentence caught my eye: No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contributions, other than intangible religious benefits.”

Was the Early Church Communist?

You know it wasn’t, but people keep trying to say otherwise.

The 7 Most Famous Things Luther Never Actually Said

Some of the best Luther quotes are things he didn’t actually say or didn’t say in quite that way. Some of them capture his basic thought, while others represent things he would have disagreed with.”

Why Your Desk Job is so Exhausting

I’m not sure why they had to use the word “damn” in the title, but the article answers a question I have often had. “This is the greatest mystery of my adult life: How can I spend all day typing at a computer and go home feeling exhausted? How could merely activating the small muscles of my fingers leave me craving the couch at the end of the day? This question actually lies very close to one of the more hotly contested issues in psychology: What causes mental fatigue? Why is desk work so depleting?”

Flashback: The Guilt and the Shame

The guilt of my sin, the shame of it, cannot withstand just that one glance at the cross, for there I see the death of Christ and with it, the death of sin, guilt, and shame.

The Bible is endlessly interesting because it is God’s story, and God by nature is himself endlessly interesting. The Bible is an ever-flowing fountain. The more you read it, the more you find its truth and beauty to be inexhaustible. —Mike Bullmore