Weekend A La Carte (10/13)

Sell All That You Have – R.C. Sproul Jr. answers this question: “Jesus told the rich young fool that he must sell all that he had, give it to the poor, and follow him. Is this true for all who would follow Jesus?”

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Is the Sabbath Still Relevant? – Meanwhile, Ray Ortlund asks whether the sabbath is still relevant. “If we did set apart one day each week for rejuvenation in God, we would immediately add to every year over seven weeks of vacation.  And not for doing nothing but for worship, for friends, for mercy, for an afternoon nap, for reading and thinking, for lingering around the dinner table and sharing good jokes and tender words and personal prayers.”

We Need to Talk About Mumford – This is an interesting take on Mumford & Sons, one of today’s most popular bands. “Mumford & Sons are in a tough spot because there is a vast dissonance between their music and their words. This dissonance arises from the prioritization of style over substance. Their sound borrows heavily from American folk and bluegrass, the local music of rural people of modest means, but their words are the self-expressive, spiritual, existential crisis tweets of the city-raised, university-educated sort.”

Autumn – Here’s a collection of beautiful autumn-themed photos.

Reading Prophetic Literature – Julian shares some helpful guidelines on reading the Bible’s prophetic literature.

You Need to Toughen Up – This is funny just because of what is said. But the British accent makes it even better.

The way to eliminate shame associated with sin is to admit sin, be confident that God forgives sin, and engage in battle against it. –Ed Welch