Weekend A La Carte (10/20)

I Want to Die in the Trenches – “The local church is the front line of ministry. In the battle against the spiritual forces of evil, the church is the trench. Christ’s bride is dug in, charged up, and ready to die for the freedom of souls. I relish the trench. It’s messy, at times gruesome, and the noise makes it difficult to sleep.”

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How Can We Pray? – R.C. Sproul Jr., who in the past year has lost both his wife and one of his daughters, answers the question: How can we pray for you?

Don’t Hide the Word from the Little Ones – “It may long be remembered as the night Sinclair Ferguson went rogue. The date was June 28, 2009. During the congregational singing, he felt an unusually strong impression to preach something altogether different — both text and topic — from the manuscript he was holding in his hand for the exposition he had prepared on Romans 6:6–14.”

The Minister as Shepherd – Here’s a free ebook if you’re interested “In The Minister as Shepherd, Charles Edward Jefferson (1860-1937) calls pastors to view their primary role not to be as mere preachers, but more importantly, to be shepherds of the flock of God.”

National Geographic Photo Contest – Here are some amazing photos.

Sing the Roof Off! – Mark Altrogge asks what kind of a statement we make about God in the way we worship. It’s worth thinking about: “If an outsider came into your Sunday meeting and observed you worshiping, what would he conclude you think about God?”

Those McDonald’s Fries – McDonald’s is being brilliant in responding to all those rumors about their food. I enjoyed this video mostly because of the sheer awkwardness of the host. But I also love those fries.

Salvation is not verified by a past act, but by present fruitfulness. –John MacArthur