Weekend A La Carte (12/10)

Digital Childhood – Dr. Mohler writes about the rise of the digital childhood. “The easiest way to infuriate the young is to lean into nostalgia. Nevertheless, it’s hard not to be nostalgic for a childhood in which the basic equipment for elementary school was pretty much limited to notebooks, pencils, and an occasional ruler. Those days are long gone.”

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Top 10 Photos of 2011 – Here is a roundup of the 10 best photographs of 2011 according to National Geographic’s editors.

Top 10 Books of 2011 – And from the New York Times, here are the top 10 books of the year. As usual, I haven’t read any of them. I do think, though, that I’ll check out The Boy in the Moon as it sounds really interesting.

The King’s English – Now you can travel through the Bible, phrase by phrase, with this daily devotional from the King’s English–a blog I’ve enjoyed reading through 2011.

Just Friends? – This is a really interesting video where a guy asks a bunch of people whether it’s possible for men and women to be just friends.

Finding Oregon – Another amazing timelapse video.

We must wrestle earnestly in prayer, like men contending with a deadly enemy for life. –J.C. Ryle