Weekend A La Carte (12/15)

Rachel Weeping for Her Children – Al Mohler responds to yesterday’s unspeakably horrible tragedy in Connecticut. So too do Russell Moore and John Piper among many, many others. The Getty’s song A Mother’s Prayer seems particularly appropriate at this time.

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The Losing TicketBusiness Week looks at Jack Whittaker who won the lottery and then had his entire life crumble around him.

The Average Worship Leader – Bob Kauflin salutes the average worship leader. “By average I don’t mean mediocre or lazy. Just normal. Because that’s what most of those leading in churches today are. Normal.”

Sharing the Gospel – Michael McKinley has sound counsel on sharing the gospel with gay people. “Here are three questions that I have found useful in these types of conversations. They can help clear some of the brush out of the way so that you can talk about Jesus (which is, after all, the point!). One caveat: people are not evangelistic projects. You need to communicate genuine, personal care for them as a person or else you might do more harm than good when you share Christ with them.”

Christmas Flash Mob – Here’s another Christmas flash mob singing about Jesus.

If God were small enough to be understood He would not be big enough to be worshipped. –Evelyn Underhill