Weekend A La Carte (4/20)

My Favorite Picture – I really enjoyed this article: “Last week I was overwhelmed – again. It was deja vu from two years ago. All those hallways and galleries and glass cases and tiny spotlights. It doesn’t take long for me to get lost in the varied and sometimes loose interpretations of art at The Art Institute of Chicago.”

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Infanticide: The Coming Battle – “First, they won’t call it ‘infanticide’ (killing infants) but ‘post-birth abortion’. The reasons are obvious. The word ‘infanticide’ strikes horror into our hearts. But ‘post-birth abortion’ makes it sound like the termination is simply an extension of abortion, which we are culturally adjusted to. Yet the terminology is grossly inaccurate.”

Mental Illness and the Church – The death of Matthew Warren has ignited some powerful and long-overdue conversations in the church about the nature of mental illness and the church’s response to it. This article is very helpful.

What Ted Kremer Wants – This is a neat story: “Serving as the Reds batboy on Thursday, Kremer asked for three things — 11 runs, 11 strikeouts for free pizza and a Todd Frazier home run. He got all three..”

Do Not Love the World – J.D. Greear: “If you read through 1 John, you’ll come across a short statement that might seem a little confusing: ‘Do not love the world or the things in the world’. This is the same guy who wrote that ‘God so loved the world that he sent his only son’. Is John schizophrenic? Did he forget that he had written John 3:16? And what does it mean to ‘not love the world’?”

3 Lies Porn Tells You – “For the amount of people who struggle with this, we don’t talk about it near enough. We don’t talk about it in our families. We don’t talk about it in our churches. We think avoiding it will make it go away. Statistically speaking, over 50 percent of the men reading this post have had exposure to pornography recently.”

There is a history full of grace behind us, and a prophecy full of glory before us. —C.H. Spurgeon