Weekend A La Carte (5/11)

W.W. Jay-Z? – Writing for Christianity Today, Russell Moore suggests “how Christian hip-hop could call the American church back to the gospel–and hip-hop back to its roots.”

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A Week of Groceries – I always enjoy photo collections like this one. Here is a week of groceries from different families around the world.

How Introverted Pastors Love – John Piper has some helpful thoughts on the introverted pastors. He makes many other observations on 33 years of pastoral ministry.

National Geographic Photo Contest – Here are some of the best photos from this year’s National Geographic Traveler Magazine photo contest. Some of them are nothing short of spectacular.

Porn and the Brain – One fascinating area of research today is the effect of pornography on the brain. The connection does not absolve addicts of blame, but it does warn us of one more negative effect of pornography and explain why the addiction is so difficult to destroy.

Every Generation Is the Me Generation – There have been many interesting reactions to Time Magazine’s cover story on the “Me Me Me Generation.” But as this article explains and displays, every generation is considered the “me generation” at one time or another.

There is no better test of growth than that a man desires God because he is God. –Martyn Lloyd-Jones