Weekend A La Carte (5/19)

Discrimination Against Women – Mary Kassian provides an interesting perspective on the he-turned-she beauty pageant contestant who recently competed to be Miss Canada. If you expand the logic, it means that men turned women should also be able to compete against women in athletics.

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Evangelize, Not Indoctrinate – “We get this idea we have authority over our children’s hearts. We demand right responses to theological questions. We put in biblical material and expect biblical results. We catechize them to perfection under the assumption if their answers are right so too are their hearts. In short we indoctrinate them.”

Cellphone Neglect – “Do your kids complain you are on your smartphone too much? Do you set a boundary on use when you’re at home?” This article from The Globe and Mail looks at some of the costs of neglecting family for the sake of connectivity.

Sermon Preparation – Ray Ortlund writes about sermon preparation, breaking it down into three aspects: the technical, the rhetorical and the personal.

J.I. Packer Interview – Carl Trueman has a nice, short interview with J.I. Packer.

When thou prayest, rather let thy heart be without words than thy words without a heart. –John Bunyan