Weekend A La Carte (6/8)

The Newest Evangelizer – I found this an interesting article: “Is Jim Gaffigan technically employed by the Catholic Church? The thought occurred to me in a week during which I saw the awesome Catholic comic speak in person and did some reporting about the church’s major new outreach effort it calls ‘the new evangelization’.”

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The Pastor’s Wife – Here are questions for a potential pastor and his wife to consider together. “Before you pursue the office of pastor, you know that you need to be ready. But have you asked whether your wife is ready?”

No Whiners – Kevin DeYoung: “I don’t fancy myself any sort of great leader, but there are two things I have learned about leadership over the years, and they are intimately related. Just about the worst thing a leader can nurture in his heart is self-pity. And just about the worst thing a leader can do in front of his people is murmur and complain.”

Summer Reading – I’m pretty excited about Dr. Mohler’s summer reading recommendations.

Truth, Conviction, and Jesus Are Relevant – “Larry Taunton has an article in The Atlantic describing what his organization found when they asked college students who were actively involved in campus atheist groups the question, ‘What led you to become an atheist?’ He told a particularly telling story about why an atheist named Phil left his church…”

The Fine Art of Selection – Randy Alcorn shares some wisdom on using your time to do meaningful things.

Do what the Lord bids you, where he bids you, as he bids you, as long as he bids you, and do it at once. –C.H. Spurgeon