Weekend A La Carte (7/13)

Capturing the Moment – “And as much as I think we’re getting more comfortable being ourselves online, there’s still a difference between the self you’re willing to share publicly and the self you’re willing to share when only a handful of people are watching. This is a distinction that Facebook — and now, by association, Instagram — has never seemed to understand.”

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The Forgotten Parts – Darryl says that when it comes to the Great Commission, the forgotten parts are the most important parts.

Every Elders’ Meeting – Kevin DeYoung highlights two questions he and his fellow elders want to address at each one of their meetings.

Blessings for the Generous – “One thing the ‘faith preachers’ get right is this – if we bless others God will heap blessings on us. Not because he has to, but because he has graciously promised to. It may not be in the way we expect; we might not always reap cash for cash. But we will definitely reap.”

Sinner in the Hands of Angry Saints – “One of the weaknesses that may come from communicating via social media is that we not only speak in short hand, but react in short hand. That is, our answers haven’t the time or characters to be nuanced, and so neither is the thought that goes into them. Our minds are less a well-ordered shelf of careful books, more a stack of broad-brushed memes.”

If an unholy man were to get to heaven, he would feel like a hog in a flower garden. –Rowland Hill