Weekend A La Carte (7/20)


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Christians In a Surveillance State – I appreciate this article from Ed Stetzer as he discusses Christian responsibility in what has become a surveillance state. “For Christians, this is an important conversation because it involves biblical issues such as the dignity of all persons, a healthy view of human depravity, and our belief in Christian ethics.”

God Wants You to Bother Him – It’s amazing to think about, isn’t it? God wants you to bother him!

Interview With a Real Life Rock Star – Stephen Altrogge shared an interesting interview: “Ronnie Martin is/was a real life Christian rock star. He had/has  (I’m not aware of the current status of these things) a label, a band, and music videos. He had all those things you thought you were going to have when you bought that guitar in high school. Now Ronnie is a worship leader/church planter/book author as well as a Christian artist.”

Seven Ways to Pray for Your Heart – Jon Bloom: “Over the years, as I’ve prayed for my own heart, I’ve accumulated seven “D’s” that I have found helpful. Maybe you’ll find them helpful as well.”

Twitter Plenary Indulgences – Technology changes, but poor theology doesn’t. “Following Pope Francis’s Twitter feed may be good for your soul — both in this life and the next. The spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church plans to grant plenary indulgences by Twitter during the World Youth Day 2013 event, which will be held July 23-28 in Brazil.”

Is Scripture Enough? – The newest edition of the 9Marks Journal looks at a very important issue: the sufficiency of Scripture.

Jordan and Jessica’s Story – Here’s a sweet story from the Reformed African American Network. Two Christians who were both widowed in their twenties, one a church planter in New York, find new love in one another.

The grand paradox or supreme irony of the Christian faith is that we are saved both by God and from God. –R.C. Sproul