Weekend A La Carte (7/6)

Beautiful Churches – This is an excellent article! “We stepped inside and beauty stirred my heart. Worship seemed the only appropriate response. It was clear that an artist had spent months, even years, with tools that chiselled, adorned, and beautified. Each detail, lovingly and carefully carved. In that room, the light glimmered and shone, reflecting the beauty of His handiwork. The room I’m speaking of was a school gymnasium.”

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10 Things About Islam – Zane Pratt: “Islam is a fast-growing religion, especially in the Western world. Christians increasingly need to be aware of Islam and, most importantly, how to engage its adherents with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are 10 things I learned about Islam during my 20 years as a missionary in a Muslim-majority country.”

Level the Playing Field – Carl Trueman points out one obvious implication of destroying gender as a category. How will we distinguish athletes in the years to come? How will women be able to compete if they are up against men who believe they are women?

Proving a Miracle – “Pope Francis signed off on a second miracle attributed to the late Pope John Paul II, setting him up to officially become a saint. Barbie Latza Nadeau on the bureaucracy of proving miracles.”

The New Theist – The Chronicle of Higher Education has a long and fascinating article about William Lane Craig and how he became Christian philosophy’s boldest apostle.

The grace we receive in forgiveness gives the grace to be forgiving. –Philip Ryken