Weekend A La Carte (8/11)

Ravenous Sheep – R.C. Sproul Jr. writes about what having sheep did to his understanding of God’s people as sheep. Here’s a great line: “The hardest thing about being a shepherd is the pain of loving the sheep.”

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New York UndergroundNational Geographic shows what’s underground in New York City. It’s like there’s a whole world down there.

Phillips’ Axioms – Unlike Solomon’s collection of proverbs, these ones are uninspired. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some good wisdom there. I like this one: “Men shouldn’t let our eyes rest anywhere our hands shouldn’t.”

The Sense of His Presence – TGC has an interview with Ryan Kelly. He “talks with Mark Mellinger about the doctrine of desertion. He describes how this doctrine helps us make sense of the psalms and our experience of spiritual dryness. Kelly reflects on a scary time in his life and directs us to Puritan writing on this topic, since so few modern writers address desertion directly.”

Bobby Petrino – Denny Burk shares a sad interview with Bobby Petrino who risked his dream job and dream marriage to have an affair (though he needs to stop referring to it as a “mistake” and acknowledge it as sin). I think it can be helpful to watch an interview like this to remind ourselves what we risk when we indulge in sin.

Prayer must carry on our work as much as preaching; he preacheth not heartily to his people that will not pray for them. –Richard Baxter