Weekend A La Carte (8/24)


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Learning from the Idiot in the Room – Mez McConnell always tells it like it is. “Some people are so frustrating and annoying. That is a fact of life. It is unavoidable. Even the most sanctified and patient of us struggle with difficult people (just ask my wife). There is a danger though and it is this. Sometimes we hear something about another Christian or a leader and we make up our minds about them before we’ve met.”

Healthy Churches Are Messy – Why do some healthy churches look unhealthy from the outside? Sam Rainer provides a really good and helpful explanation.

Bumblebees at 5,000 FPS – How do insects’ wings actually work? We’ve just gotten a little bit closer to finding out. Here is a bumblebee flapping his wings at 5,000 frames per second.

Preaching on Sunday? – Darryl Dash offers some encouragement to you if you’re preaching on Sunday. It will also prove encouraging if you intend to listen to preaching on Sunday.

The Greatest Theologian – R.C. Sproul Jr. writes about the greatest theologian among the Sprouls. “Monday was the 16th birthday of my little girl Shannon. And I am missing all that she taught me. Her nickname, well earned, is Princess Happy. Her happiness, however, was born less from easy circumstances, more from deep wells of gratitude.”

The Solar System – This is brilliant. Well, except for the part about the earth imploding and all of humanity being wiped out a few hundred million years from now. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t end that way.

Whatever and whenever God blesses, Satan curses. What God creates, Satan counterfeits. –Sam Storms