Weekend A La Carte (9/22)

Destruction from the Almighty – Mike Leake looks at that amazing volcano video and reflects on it a little bit. “The Hebrew word for destruction is shadad whereas the Hebrew word for the Almighty is El Shaddai. When Shaddai become bent on shadad what will happen? How destructive can El Shaddai be?”

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Life’s Too Short – Life is too short for all of that email.

Wisdom and Sabbath Rest – There are some good ideas about rest in this article (though the formatting gets a little bit messed up as you make your way down). I appreciate what he says about using a day of rest as a means of declaring to the world, and to yourself, that the world will get along just fine without you.

Staying in His Lane – Dr. Mohler looks at the latest major media interview of Joel Osteen. He sat there next to Deepak Chopra and found that their “theology” is really pretty much the same.

Talk With Your Heart Full – Now that’s a catchy phrase and one that really grabs me: Talk with your heart full.

The Last Meal – What do death row inmates want to eat for their final meal? Here’s a study that tells you. Not suprisingly, most go all-out.

Repentance is the tear of love, dropping from the eye of faith, when it fixes on Christ crucified. –Gorham Abbott