Weekend A La Carte (9/29)


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American Men Don’t Sing – “Alistair Begg recently spoke at Western Seminary. And just before he got into his sermon, he went on a fascinating little digression about the fact that American men don’t sing during worship. It’s not just that we can’t sing, but that we don’t.” 

Responding to “Fetal Flaw” – “Bob Horning is not just the father of Krista Horning and a member at Bethlehem Baptist Church, he also holds a Ph.D. in physics and works as a scientist for Honeywell in Minnesota.  I asked him to take a look at an article in Slate.com, which argued that new technologies are a problem for those of us who hold to the view of unborn life being precious.”

The Peril That Lurks in Success – “We are never more vulnerable to sin than when we are successful, admired by others, and prosperous.” King David discovered this and Jon Bloom offers his take on how David might have thought about it a year later.

What Pastors Won’t Hear – Mike offers a list of things pastor aren’t going to hear in heaven. Example: “I wish you’d have done funnier skits in our worship service.”

Very Little Stars – Go full-screen and HD with this one if you can.

The Christian who has stopped repenting has stopped growing. –A.W. Pink