Weekend A La Carte (August 4)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Sex on the Silver Screen: A Scenario to Consider)

Shouldn’t We Share Our Concerns About a Book Directly with the Author Instead of in the Public Forum?

Randy Alcorn is about the kindest person you’ll meet, so his words count for a lot here. “Matthew 18 addresses the need to go to people privately when they’ve sinned against us, or perhaps when we’ve sinned against them. But I’ve never read a book where I think the author has sinned against me, or I’ve sinned against the author. The author publicly takes a stand, so any ideas in the book are subject to public disagreement.”

Revoice, Evangelical Culture, and the Return of an Old Friend

Here’s another solid response to the Revoice Conference and what it all means. “Paul was well aware of the existence of wicked slanderers within the visible church. That is why he made it clear that no accusation against an elder should be taken remotely seriously without evidence from two or three eye-witnesses, 1Tim. 5:19. Hearsay or gossip is irrelevant. To act on such is simply not Christian and those who do so should hang their heads in shame for the malicious harm they do. Mob rule by the (self) righteous is still mob rule.”

Torn Between Two Cultures? Revoice, LGBT Identity, and Biblical Christianity

Al Mohler: “We should take the organizers of Revoice at their word and hear what they are saying. We should lament the brokenness and understand the many failings of the Christian church toward those who identify with the LGBTQ+ community. But we dare not add yet another failure to those failures. We cannot see Revoice as anything other than a house built upon the sand. Revoice is not the voice of faithful Christianity. See also Denny Burk, who writes, Revoice is over. Now what?

How Fuses and Circuit Breakers Work (Video)

“Ask This Old House electrician Scott Caron demonstrates how fuses and circuit breakers protect a home.” I found it interesting. Also, our old house still uses fuses!

6 Warning Signs Of A Bad Pastor And Spiritual Abuse

More and more, it’s critically important to be able to identify dangerous, destructive pastors BEFORE everything falls apart. Few things cause Christians to become disillusioned more than being ripped to pieces by a really bad pastor. Few things do more to sully the name of Jesus more than abusive spiritual leaders.”

The Babies At the Fringes of Fertility Tech – Future Human

“Forty years after the birth of Louise Brown, the first ‘test-tube baby,’ we are living in a golden age of fertility tech.” But, naturally, people seem much less concerned with the morality of the technology!

Flashback: The Lingering Stench of Sin

We are regularly called upon to respond to situations that are difficult or even excruciating. How can we respond? How should we respond? What’s the best way to bring hope, to bring healing?

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