Weekend A La Carte (December 10)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Retractions)

A Friend Just Lost an Unbelieving Loved One to Death: What Do I Say, Think, and Do?

This article has some good things to say about offering help and comfort to someone who has lot an unbelieving loved one.

The Light of Christ in a World of Darkness

Alistair Begg: “The Christmas message ought to be hopeful. But if it is to be hopeful, it must be more than sentimental. Hope turns on the fulcrum of truth. If we would hold on to hope as we look into the darkness of the coming year, then our own purposes for our lives will do us little good. We can make nothing true by believing it, and we can make nothing right by wanting it.”

Practical Advice for Christian Parents of a Child Identifying as Transgender

Denny Burk shares a letter he has written to help parents whose daughter has decided she may be transgender—a tragically common occurrence these days.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

You’ll probably enjoy these zany photos from nature.

Seven Principles of Finance for the Believer

Jim Elliff: “This outline provides the diligent believer with some key principles preparing him/her for radical, other-worldly financial behavior. Alone, or if married, with your spouse, take some time for reading the Scripture texts and thinking through the obedient thing to do in each area. Then write out what you find. There is only one thing for you to do after this meditation … obey!”

What Has Been Most Helpful in Your Marriage?

This is good and wise counsel.

Flashback: When God Doesn’t Zap Away Our Sin

God does not zap away our sin, but gives us a new hatred for it and a new desire to do the hard work of battling it. He does not sovereignly remove it in a moment, but extends grace so we can battle it for a lifetime.