Weekend A La Carte (December 7)

Having just done the long Frankfurt airport sprint, I made an impossible connection and am on my way home! I can’t wait to see my family. I’ll provide a kind of trip report next week.

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Today’s Kindle deals include a few “everyday” books and a couple of Christmas selections. Plus, Westminster Books has a deal on my pal Mez McConnell’s new book (plus all those ESV Bibles still).

(Yesterday on the blog: How To Turn A Retired Bible Into A Precious Family Heirloom)

The Deep Sea

This is a very entertaining look at what is beneath (and far beneath!) the surface of the sea.

Pastor, Build His Platform, Not Yours

“Today, the venue for ministerial self-promotion isn’t a glossy postcard but a carefully curated Twitter account. But what about the idea of self-promotion itself? Is it ever wise or biblical?”

Dear Local Church

This is worth reflecting on as you prepare to worship on Sunday.

Medieval Book Curses

“In the days before the printing press, book-making was a very laborious process. Each and every book had to made by hand, starting with the preparation of parchment, to the writing, the illumination and finally to the binding. Often a number of scribes, usually monks, worked together in a manuscript carefully forming letters in beautiful calligraphy with ink-tipped feathers, accompanied by rich illustrations.” They protected their precious books in an interesting way.

World Migration Report

A new World Migration Report tells us where and how entire populations are on the move in what will undoubtedly be considered the greatest mass migration of all time.

10 Lessons from Online Seminary

Costi Hinn: “This article may ruffle the feathers of those who teach, attend, or believe in mandated on-campus seminary training, but don’t get too fired up just yet. Let’s start by agreeing on this: physically going to seminary can be vitally important for a ministry leader.”

Are ‘Basic Economy’ Seats Ever Worth It?

I’ve long since learned that the cheapest seats are rarely worth it (unless they represent a huge cost savings). This article explains why.

Flashback: Homemaking in the Light of Eternity

The gospel transforms homemaking precisely because it assures us that we do not need to do and see and have and accomplish everything in this short life. The gospel promises life beyond—a much better, longer, and more fulfilling life.

Prayer can let in a ray of hope when all our earthly prospects seem darkened. —J.C. Ryle