Weekend A La Carte (February 11)

Today’s Kindle deals include just a couple of titles, but since one is from J.I. Packer, you’ll probably want to check them out.

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How to Defend the Gospel from Its Enemies—and Friends

Ray Ortlund has some valuable thoughts here: “Defending the gospel against both its enemies and, at times, its friends is not easy. On the one hand, we desire not to be cowards; on the other hand, we desire not to be provocateurs.”

The Supernatural Ordinariness of the Work of the Spirit

“There is a supernatural ordinariness to ministry. We spend time with people, we organise church life, we speak the Word, we extend hospitality – and as we do so the Spirit works. It is ordinary in that there is nothing spectacular about it; it is ordinary church life. And yet supernatural spiritual work is being done through it.”

We Live in a Very Fortunate Universe

“It is truly an exciting time to be a Christian. The science of the fine-tuning is giving us a glimpse, like never before, of the divine Architect, who thoughtfully designed this universe to support life.”

“Social Media” Networks and the Christian Movement

George Guthrie gives a neat overview of the three phases of the movement of the Christian message.

Christian women and Erotica

Helen Thorne: “Fifty Shades Darker hits cinemas this weekend—and many Christian women find such films very appealing. I imagine I’ve just divided the readership of this blog. Statements like that usually do.”

Her Dying Discipled Me

“Deep into the first year of planting a church, God sent us a gift. A 94-year-old woman named Nancy politely informed me she would now be calling our little start-up church her home. She was lovely and bright, carrying herself with a regality only matched by her kindness. She became an instant friend to many, and especially connected to our young adults.”

This Day in 1997. 20 years ago today Guiquita Waewae died. He was among the killers of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Peter Fleming and Roger Youderian. Waewae later become a Christian and led his people to abandon their violent lifestyle. *

52 Things to Text Your Wife

My wife would laugh at me if I texted her some of these things. But I still like what Brad Hambrick is doing here.

50 Years Ago

I really enjoyed this photo gallery of significant shots from 1967.

Flashback: What I Would Have To Deny To Deny Hell

What would I have to deny in order to deny hell? If I am ever to come to the point of denying the existence of hell, what will be the doctrinal cost of getting there?

Using the NIV Zondervan Study Bible in Ministry

I’m thankful to Zondervan for sponsoring the blog this week by interviewing D.A. Carson on the NIV Zondervan Study Bible.

God examines with trials, the devil examines with temptations, the world examines with persecutions. —Henry Smith