Weekend A La Carte (February 27)

Good morning! May God bless and keep you through this weekend.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Only the Christian Faith Begins At the Top)

What a World Ours Will Be

John Piper ponders heaven: “At the second coming of Christ, the people of God will see the risen King in his power and great glory. They will be changed instantly into sinless persons who will be like their glorious King forever. In that likeness to Christ, their capacities for love — for delighting in what is truly great and beautiful and worthy — will be raised to unimagined heights as they share in the very love of the Father and the Son. And in that supreme, pure, perfected delight in God, the glory of God will shine.”

Might It End Up Being A Reboot Dud?

And speaking of heaven, Stephen Kneale uses news of the reboot of “Frasier” to ponder it as well. “We know there will be a new heavens and a new earth. We also know that it will kind of be based upon the old one. There is going to be a re-creation, so to speak, where the world as God originally intended it to be is brought into existence again. It is, if you like, a reboot of the old series. Only it promises to be better than what came before, not just more of the same old same old.”

The “Long Winter” of 1880/81 (Video)

The History Guy put together a fascinating video on the infamous “long winter” of 1880-81.

On Boiling Goats

My Bible-reading plan has me in Leviticus, so I’ve been wondering about why God forbids boiling goats in their mother’s milk. Here’s one take on it.

Young Pastor, Your Ministry Heroes May Be Right There in Your Church

Yes, indeed! “Pessimism could summarize the attitudes of many Christians, including myself, for the past year. But seeing a snowless parking lot, at the church in which I was saved reminded me that Jesus’s bride will prevail. Not because of international ministries and Christian ‘celebrities,’ but through the faith and simple obedience of God’s people. Faithfulness being modeled and handed down from generation to generation.”

Not A Trophy, A Gift

“One of the negatives of social media is the manner in which it has encouraged us to think of life as a performance: we are all stars in our own reality TV show now.” This is true even of our relationship to our children.

Acts: The World’s Salvation Cannot be Stopped

I always appreciate Peter Krol’s careful reading of the scriptures. In this article he provides some interesting observations about Acts.

Flashback: Little Words That Make All the Difference

Then, as his questions continue and get more specific, you say, “Now this is me, not the Bible.” You are making it clear that you’ve gone from an area of absolute biblical clarity to an area of wisdom and conscience.

A man is very weak who has a strong temper without the power of self-control. —J.R. Miller