Weekend A La Carte (January 20)

Today’s Kindle deals includes A Practical Guide to Culture which is well worth checking out. There’s also a MacArthur collection in there.

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Yesterday on the blog: On Being Thought Well of By Outsiders)

I Spent 919 Days in a North Korean Prison

“On the morning of August 9, 2017, I was digging holes as usual when a guard ordered me to stop, ushered me inside and told me to gather my things. I scooped up my Bible and a few papers, including one of the hymns I’d composed, and they shoved me in a car. Thirty minutes later, I was pulled into a tiny conference room of a Pyongyang hotel. On one side of a long table was a line of people I assumed were Canadians.”

Maybe You Need to Wave the White Flag

Jared Wilson: “One of our perennial problems is that we mistake the behavioral tidiness and normalcy of our everyday routines for spiritual tidiness and normalcy. But this is a trap all too common in modern life. We have compartmentalized our spirituality.”

Why It Was Not Good for Man to Be Alone

Hint: It’s not because he was pining away in loneliness. In fact, it really wasn’t about him at all.

Abortion, Canada, and the relentless wave of Authoritarian Secularism

Murray Campbell writes, “I love taking Claude (family greyhound) for an early morning walk through the streets of Parkdale and Mentone, and to listen to the Bible as we go. Today in the Psalms, I was struck by Psalm 8:2, which says, ‘Through the praise of children and infants, you have established a stronghold against your enemies,  to silence the foe and the avenger.'”

My Life As a Mom to 8 Kids

It’s surprisingly stirring to read a positive account of having a large family. Warning: There are a couple OMG’s in the article.

Interview: Nancy Pearcey – Love Thy Body

This is an interview between Greg Koukl and “author and apologist Nancy Pearcey on her new book, Love Thy Body, discussing how our secular culture fragments the human person by denying the value and meaning of the body, leading to a cultural divide on numerous social issues.”

The Best Preacher in the World

“Every preacher has his flaws, and eventually the congregation will see them. That’s why visiting preachers often seem much better than our own pastor. It’s because we don’t know them and their flaws in the same way as we know our own pastor. But…”

Flashback: The Most Difficult Time To Lead

The most difficult time to lead is when you have forfeited the respect of those who are meant to follow you, when your confidence, and theirs, is shattered. But this is also the most important time to lead.

Gathered worship is our weekly celebration of victory that the war is won, that our enemy’s head is crushed, and that our future is secure in our returning and conquering king. —Burk Parsons