Weekend A La Carte (July 13)

Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of classics worthy of a place in your collection.

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(Yesterday on the blog: When My Children Grow Strong and I Grow Weak)

The Christian CBD Changes Its Name

This is an understandable name change! “For more than 40 years, Christian Book Distributors—a direct-mail cataloger and online retailer—has gone by the letters CBD. But the company announced last month it would drop the abbreviation and the word distributors from its name in response to the now-common use of CBD to refer to cannabidiol. The letters will no longer appear beneath its logo, an open book with flipping pages.”

Newsletter Code Words

This is meant to let you in on the “code words” missionaries use in their newsletters. “For example: It’s been a year of transitions and adjustments. Is actually a neat and tidy way of saying: I’ve spent the last 12 months living out of a suitcase and making a ton of mistakes everywhere I go.”

We Spent Our Best Years Overseas. And They Were Hard.

Speaking of missionaries, Jen Oshman reflects on her family’s years overseas. “The church—both those who go and those who send—must acknowledge the hardships that cross-cultural workers face. And we must stand ready to help those who go as they walk through various valleys.”

Don’t Play With Sin

This is a good exhortation based on a great analogy.

5 Things I Learned as a Pastor’s Kid

“Two seemingly omnipresent misconceptions: Kids will be fine if they’re in church regularly, but requiring them to come with you will foment rebellion. Both ideas are intuitive to different kinds of people in evangelical churches, but both are wrong.”

Cultural Awareness in Christian Ministry

Culture matters when understanding and interpreting the Bible and culture matters when sharing the gospel and carrying out ministry.

Without Apology

Here’s a sweet one from a loving mom.

Flashback: The Five Key Factors in Every Christian’s Sanctification

Rather than resisting, enter into the current of God’s sanctifying work and see the Lord’s power reveal itself in all the ways God, truth, people, and struggle change you as you respond in continual obedience and continual repentance.

The more we are able to reveal ourselves to our life partners and still be loved, the more we are able to understand what a relationship with God is all about. —R.C. Sproul