Weekend A La Carte (July 21)

I have pretty much finished filming EPIC: Scotland and am now enjoying a few days of vacation with my family in Scotland. The Isle of Skye is just as beautiful as I had been told!

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(Yesterday on the blog: How and Why I Choose Which Books to Read and Review)

Build Your Boats For Foul Weather

This article applies foremost to Christian institutions in one part of the world, but the principle applies much wider than that! “That’s a general rule: always build a boat for foul weather. Hope for fair, but build for foul.”

5 Reasons Studying Greek Is Worth the Pain

I, for one, have never regretted the Greek I studied (but do regret not studying more). “I well remember sitting at my desk in grad school, cramming vocabulary into my head like a duck willingly stuffing its body for foie gras. At that desk I said to myself, This is boring and hard and I really don’t like it I need sugar or TV or a TV program about sugar. But now I can’t imagine my life without Greek. Is Greek worth the pain? Yes, yes, five times yes.”

The Doctrine of the Standing or Falling Soul

“Let’s meditate deeply on the truth of our justification by faith alone in Christ alone. Let us fight to protect this most precious doctrine from all of the malicious attacks that the evil one seeks to level against it through the sophistries of false teachers. That is a hill worth dying on.”

How You Might Break the Third Commandment In Church

With some commandments it’s easy to see how we break them; others require a little more introspection.

Dumb Things Pro-Abortionists Say

Where to start? Gene Veith: “Abortion cannot really be defended by appeals to morality or logic. So pro-abortion arguments are mostly based on emotion, unsupported ‘rights’ talk, euphemism, and statements that just don’t make any sense.”

The Edges of the Earth Close In

Here’s a new poem you may enjoy. Why aren’t more people writing poetry?

The Wonderful Accessibility of the Word

Erik Raymond: “The Bible often gets a bad rap. Being an ancient book there are cultural, historical, and theological hurdles to mount when we decide to study it. But, we should not take this to mean that the Bible is inaccessible. God has spoken through his written Word in such a way that we might understand who he is and what he wants us to do.”

Flashback: Wanting It Enough

I want to be really godly, but not as much as I want to be kind of godly…I want to achieve the goal a little bit less than I want to put in the effort necessary to have it.

Yielding to God’s will can be hard. And sometimes, it really hurts. But it always brings peace. —John Perkins