Weekend A La Carte (July 6)

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There are also some novels on sale: Lord of the Rings, 1984, etc.

(Yesterday on the blog: How I Prepare a Sermon)

Her Stillborn, Him Sovereign

This one is beautiful and moving. “There in the ground was a pristinely carved—yet, stark—rectangular hole. Lowered into it was a pink casket far too pretty for this spot and not nearly pretty enough for the body inside. Within was my darling newborn’s frame.”

Reframing Kindness

“Christians are called to show good kindness, modelled on God’s kindness. It is a compassion which doesn’t pay things forward, which isn’t interested in personal outcome, which isn’t predicated on the worthiness of the recipient, or their intellectual affinity with us. It is a love which tramples boundaries, which upends expectations, which hands a tunic to a coat-demanding-enemy, which turns the cheek, which shows favour to the evil and the good, just like the sunshine of God’s love, and the rainfall of his care.”

Chasing My Shadow

Emma: “It’s the big question of this (and maybe every) age. Who am I, really?  Is there a core essence, a slice of me-ness that marks me out from everyone else? If so, am I born with it; or is it something I have to seek out and discover? What I if don’t like what’s there? Can I learn to be something different?”

The Tech Giants Are Coming For Our Homes (Video)

I’d say this video is a little too optimistic, but it still does a good job of telling why Google, Apple, Samsung, etc, are all so eager to get into our homes.

10 Things You Should Know about Communion with Christ

This may be a doctrine we don’t think about often enough or well enough.

7 Well-Meaning Objections to Church Discipline — And How Pastors Ought to Respond to Them

Church discipline is so misunderstood, yet so important. “Pastors must introduce discipline to a church slowly and wisely, enabling its members over time to exercise this authority faithfully. Merely teaching about discipline is not enough. They must also teach the doctrines that provide the gospel framework to support church discipline: conversion, holiness, repentance, membership, discipleship, and love.”

Lord, Don’t (Just) Give Me Patience

“One of my most prayed prayers is one for patience. Whispered, demanded, wept—it’s something I pray when my sin is pressing closer than the sins of others (though I often think it’s the other way around).” But Glenna has an important truth to share about her prayer.

Flashback: Joy Is for the Generous

Money may not be able to purchase the greatest and deepest joy, but it can still generate it. The joy is there for the taking. The joy is there for the giving. The joy is for the generous.

A man’s contentment is in his mind, not in the extent of his possessions. Alexander the Great, with all the world at his feet, cries for another world to conquer. —Charles Spurgeon