Weekend A La Carte (March 21)

Today’s Kindle deals include books new and old—even a new release from Kristen Wetherell that seems to be a good fit for the times.

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(Yesterday on the blog: How To Make the Most of Lockdown (Tips from Christians in Italy))

How a “You do You” Culture Has Made Us Vulnerable to the Coronavirus

Michael Kruger: “The virus will be curbed when people embody a spirit of self-sacrifice.  A posture of self-denial. We must limit our travel, limit our social contact, even limit our “fun” so that the virus won’t spread. And that requires a worldview that gives us a reason to deny ourselves. A reason to think of others.  In other words, we need a worldview that is about more than us.” (See also A Christian’s Warning and Encouragement from Spain #COVID19, Corona as a Reminder of My King, and Things I Am Thankful for During the Coronavirus Pandemic.)

Coronavirus Explained and What You Should Do (Video)

This video explains, quite simply, how the coronavirus works and why it’s so dangerous. (See also 30 Days That Brought the World to the Brink of a Depression.)

John MacArthur: The Gospel, the Church, and This Present Crisis

You may enjoy this recent interview with John MacArthur.

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood—Or Christlikeness?

It has become a common trope to argue that Bible calls us to Christlikeness, not biblical manhood and womanhood. This is a category error. It undermines Christlikeness by turning it into something abstract, gnostic, idealized, even inhuman. It’s also antinomian.” This article from 9Marks explains.

Integrity Should Be Every Pastor’s Middle Name

“If anyone on the planet should be characterized by truth and integrity, compassion and respect, those of us called of God to spread the Word of Life are the ones.” Isn’t that the truth!

The Fear-Driven Life

Jared Wilson writes about the very present reality of fear and how it can drive our lives. “There is a good kind of cautiousness, the sort of wisdom that doesn’t jump in to every situation or make rash decisions. And then there’s the kind of cautiousness that has more to do with managing our own disobedience. “How disobedient can I be and still get away with what I want?’ And this comes when the vision of the things around us is greater than the vision of him who has called us. The less Godward you are looking, the more afraid you will be.”

America: ‘At Home’ With Absurd Consumer Excess

Certain things, like a store with four aisles dedicated to pillows, seem to fade into insignificance at a time like this.

Flashback: 8 Ways God Turns Temptations to Blessings

Just as a tree which is blown by the wind is settled and rooted deeper into the ground, the coming of a temptation simply settles the Christian deeper into divine grace. Here are eight ways God brings good from temptation.

The strength of patience hangs on our capacity to believe that God is up to something good for us in all our delays and detours. —John Piper