Weekend A La Carte (May 27)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Urban Legends of Theology)

Forgiving Ourselves

This is a good take on the idea of forgiving ourselves. “I don’t think it is appropriate to speak of forgiving ourselves in any way. But, at the same time, we need to acknowledge that the Bible does have quite a bit to say about how we should and should not think of ourselves and how we should and should not treat ourselves in light of who we are in Christ Jesus.”

Does Maturity Still Matter?

“American culture writ large seems stuck in a defensive adolescence that lacks both the innocence and wonder of childhood, and the realism and long-term thinking of adulthood. Comic book movies are the new American mythology, and the characters in these comic book movies are often just hard-bodied, fast-talking teenagers: the kind of people who, in the words of the most influential man of the 21st century, ‘move fast and break things.'”

What Is a Church?

Here’s a really helpful article that answers a simple question: What is a church?

Building Accountability around Counselees

Writing for the Biblical Counseling Coalition, Tim St. John provides counsel on accountability.

Are home groups really the best vehicle for Christian growth?

Home groups can be good and helpful. But are they necessary? Do they accomplish something in the life of the church that nothing else can?

Flashback: The Tone Deaf Singer

We sing best when that gospel is dwelling richly within us. God is not looking at the quality of our tone or the perfection of our pitch. He is looking at the heart.