Weekend A La Carte (November 10)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Think of the End to Motivate the Action)

Four Things That Remain Solidly True No Matter the Mid-Term Election Results

“No matter the results, here’s a perspective we should always remember: America may or may not unravel in coming decades, but God’s kingdom certainly won’t! Neither the judicial, legislative, nor executive branch of our government is the ultimate solution to America’s problems.” Thank the Lord for that!

Getting the iPad to Pro

Here is an interesting review of the new iPad. I’ve had the same experience with recent iPads–they still aren’t a full laptop replacement. (Note: A couple of bad words in the review.)

Why It’s OK that God Loves Himself Most (Video)

“As fallen human beings, we tend to think that God’s love is just like our love. Certainly, there’s going to be overlap—even as fallen human beings, by God’s common’s grace. Love is having an affection for the beloved. It can involve the emotion, the affection, and the desire for another’s good. You don’t have to be a Christian (or to even have heard of God) to feel fiery affection for another human being or to desire their good. Where God’s love is fundamentally different than a fallen human being’s love is that it is holy.”

Updates From David Powlison 

You may have heard about David Powlison’s recent diagnosis. Here is an update.

The Best Case for Cessationism

Andrew Wilson tells what he agrees with and disagrees with when it comes to Tom Schreiner’s defense of cessationism. That ETS discussion sounds fascinating.

Stuck in an Airport for 18 Years (Video)

Here’s the strange case of a man who was stuck in an airport for 18 years.

Getting and Keeping Volunteers

There are some good pointers here on gaining and keeping church volunteers.

Flashback: Keep a Close Watch on Yourself!

The sin was so unnecessary, so avoidable. But it became possible, it became inevitable, when they failed to keep a close watch on their behavior, on their life, on themselves.

Christmas is all about love. But how…and why?

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Happy indeed is that Church whose members not only desire to reach heaven themselves, but desire also to take others with them. —J.C. Ryle