Weekend A La Carte (October 16)

May you know the Lord’s sweetest blessings as you prepare to worship him this weekend.

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Johann Sebastian Bach: Aria from Easter Oratorio

American Bach Soloists is one of my favorite YouTube channels. Mostly recently they’ve shared an excellent recording of some Easter music.

Leaving a Legacy of Bible Reading

“I have had many opportunities in my life where I woke up and didn’t read Scripture. Instead, I got showered, dressed, ate something, and then ran out the door to start my day. But as I’ve grown a little older and become responsible for the lives around me, I’ve learned that those mornings of quiet process with God’s truth are what set me in motion to love well during my day.”

Marx on Law and Religion

“Karl Marx thought that in order to create a perfect society where the state owns everything and takes care of everyone’s needs, two institutions must be toppled: law and religion.” In a brief clip, R.C. Sproul explains this in his inimitable way.

Carl Trueman and the Evangelical Mind

Carl Trueman recently reflected on the Evangelical mind. In this piece, Thomas Kidd picks up on that article and offers some thoughts of his own.

Yes, Preaching Really Does Change People

“If you’ve been in pastoral ministry for any length of time at all you’ve asked the question: Is my preaching actually doing anything? Is it having any effect?” Mike Bullmore offers some encouragement to those wondering if preaching really matters.

Why Creation and Words Frustrate Us, and 4 Ways to Start Writing

Cara has some pointers for writers (or people who want to be writers): “Wanting to write is a good thing. But for some, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are four ways to narrow down the realities of your life, and start writing about it.”

Flashback: 3 Awful Features of Roman Sexual Morality

Things that were once considered unthinkable are now deemed natural and good. Christians are increasingly seen as backward, living out an ancient, repressive, irrelevant morality.