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Weekend A La Carte (October 29)

I’m very thankful to Ligonier Ministries for sponsoring the blog this week. Be sure to stream their free Luther documentary and also to consider their 90-day devotional on the 5 solas (for a gift of any amount).

Today’s Kindle deals include some classics (and at least one newer work).

(Yesterday on the blog: 10 New and Notable Christian Books for October)

The Body Is Bigger Than You Think

I very much agree with Trevin here. “One of the best things that could happen to the rank-and-file churchgoing Christian is to get a better sense of the bigness of the Body of Christ. The Church is bigger than your church. The kingdom is bigger than your denomination. God’s people are all over the world, united by a shared love for Jesus and confession of his lordship.”

A Bruised Reed

I appreciate Aubrynn’s reflections on living as a Christian with OCD and scrupulosity. “The only thing the Lord requires is faith. He doesn’t quantify this faith; he doesn’t say ‘this much’ or ‘this strong.’ He just says faith. And faith is expressed even in the questions, in the struggle, in the wrestling. God does not treat us differently depending on our degree of faith. His eyes are not only on the raging fires, but on the faintly burning wicks. And he promises he will never quench them.”

Four ways to help your children love the church more

Many children who are raised in the church eventually drift away. Stephen considers how parents can help their kids love the church before that happens.

From Burden to Image Bearer: How God Changed My View of Children

At a time when so many young people seem uninterested in having children, articles like this become even more important.

Heart Matters

Kristin: “The condition of our heart matters. God is observing those chambers where motives are born, swell, and give way to actions. A healthy heart will be soft, tender, and malleable, eager to submit to the Lord, while a hardened heart is cold, rebellious, and bitter. It rages against God and becomes incensed when faced with truth.”

The Ministry of Public Bible Reading

I so appreciate this call to emphasize the public reading of Scripture. “It’s this devotion to ‘the public reading of Scripture’ that I want us to reflect on in this article. Where does the reading of Scripture rank in your church’s ‘lifeboat’ priorities? Is it seen as vitally important, or would it be thrown out of the boat before the music ministry or maybe the sermon?”

Flashback: Why Are You Friends with Your Friends?

Are you friends with your friends for the sake of your friends? Or are you friends with your friends for the sake of yourself? I suspect you don’t really know while you derive some clear benefit from the relationship.

Before we can stand before Satan, we must bow before God. Peter resisted the Lord and ended up submitting to Satan!

—Warren Wiersbe

  • a One-Talent Christian

    It’s Okay To Be a Two-Talent Christian

    It is for good reason that we have both the concept and the word average. To be average is to be typical, to be—when measured against points of comparison—rather unremarkable. It’s a truism that most of us are, in most ways, average. The average one of us is of average ability, has average looks, will…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (April 17)

    A La Carte: GenZ and the draw to serious faith / Your faith is secondhand / It’s just a distraction / You don’t need a bucket list / The story we keep telling / Before cancer, death was just other people’s reality / and more.

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (April 16)

    A La Carte: Why I went cold turkey on political theology / Courage for those with unfatherly fathers / What to expect when a loved one enters hospice / Five things to know about panic attacks / Lessons learned from a wolf attack / Kindle deals / and more.

  • The Night Is Far Gone

    The Night Is Far Gone

    There are few things in life more shameful than sleeping when you ought to be working, or slacking off when you ought to be diligent. When your calling is to be active, it is inappropriate and even sinful to remain passive. This is especially true when it comes to contexts that are of the highest…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (April 15)

    A La Carte: Personal reflections on the 2024 eclipse / New earth books / 7 questions that teens need to answer / Was there really no death before the fall? / How to be humble instead of looking humble / Kindle deals / and more.

  • Exactly the Purpose God Intended

    Exactly the Purpose God Intended

    General revelation serves exactly the purpose God intended for it—it reveals his power and divine nature. But, its message, while important, is insufficient—insufficient by design. Though general revelation tells us about the existence of God, it does not tell us about how to be reconciled to God.