Weekend A La Carte (September 10)

Today’s Kindle deals include just one lonely little title: The Puritans Daily Readings edited by J. Randell Pederson. Switching to other news, if you’re in the Toronto or Hamilton areas (or anywhere else in Southern Ontario), you may be interested in attending Gospel North with Derek Thomas. It will be held at Redeemer University.

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Some Things That Have Helped Me In My Struggle With Anxiety

Adam4d follows up the article he wrote right here on my site (Some Things You Should Know About Christians Who Struggle With Anxiety).

Why Sunday Should Be a Day of Rest

Here’s a great distinction: “According to the Law, we are to work first, and then we are granted rest. Jesus reversed this pattern for us when he perfectly obeyed all of the Ten Commandments and kept the law on our behalf. By living the perfect life, Jesus has met God’s perfect standard.”

Why the Purple Skittle Tastes Different Outside America

Well, now I need to buy some Skittles when I’m in the UK next month.

Gospel Centered vs Attractional

Jared Wilson on “the essential defining characteristics of the church model I call attractional, followed by some constructive alternative hallmarks of gospel-centered churches. Hopefully they will bring more clarity to thinking through the relevant issues in evangelical ecclesiology. These are important times to get this sorted.”


Here’s an interesting and disturbing article from New York magazine that deals with this new category of microaggressions and how they are taking off on college campuses.

Kids, Broccoli, and Jesus

There’s a good message here for anyone who has the privilege and responsibility of teaching the gospel to children.

This Day in 1869. 147 years ago today a Baptist minister invented the ricksha in Yokohama, Japan. *

Are Apple Cores Poisonous?

I remember hearing this rumor as a kid. Turns out it’s kind of true.

9 Things You Should Know About the 9/11 Aftermath

Joe Carter lists them.

Flashback: If Only You Knew What I Know

think it may be the Calvinist in me, or maybe it’s the inner bibliophile, but for some reason I’m quietly convinced there is no problem that can’t be solved with a few facts. If only you knew what I know, you’d change your behavior. 

Wayne Grudem on What We Mean by the Phrase “Word of God”

Thanks to Zondervan for sponsoring the blog this week with ‘Wayne Grudem on What We Mean by the Phrase “Word of God”.’

To love is to give yourself to another. To lust is to want to take from another. Love gives, lust takes. —Burk Parsons