Weekend A La Carte (September 3)

Here are a few deals to keep in mind today:

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(Yesterday on the blog: Dream Small)

The Lord Almighty Reigns

You’ll enjoy this new song from Keith & Kristyn Getty.

The Fruit Grown in a Flock by Pastoral Encouragement

This article is meant to encourage pastors to be encouraging.

The Cancellation of Dr. Nassif

Carl Trueman: “For anyone wondering how traditional Christianity is going to fare in the culture in future, even within many Christian institutions, the disturbing tale of Dr. Bradley Nassif, formerly of North Park University, an institution formally connected to the theologically conservative Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC), offers an interesting case in point.”

Protecting and Cultivating Your Marriage

In this brief video, Hershael York explains how ministry leaders can invest in the most valuable relationship in your life and ministry.

How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament

This is a neat ongoing series by Jason DeRouchie that means to help you know how to understand and apply the OT.

The parable of monkeypox

This article from Al Mohler is a few weeks old but still timely.

Flashback: Tips for Young (and Maybe Not-So-Young) Bloggers

Even as you grow in knowledge and begin to share that knowledge with others, be certain that you put the higher priority on humility. The Christian world has greater need of examples of humble young people than know-it-all young people.

If you give the devil your pen, he’ll write you a horror story. —David Murray