Weekend A La Carte (September 9)

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Today at Westminster you can save on Rosaria Butterfield’s new book (foreword by Kevin DeYoung): Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age.

Today’s Kindle deals include newer and older Christian books as well as extensive list of general market history and biography.

(Yesterday on the blog: Remaking the World)

I Set My Hope On Jesus (Hymn for a Deconstructing Friend)

Here’s a new hymn from Matt Boswell & Matt Papa that I think you’ll enjoy. They have also just released an EP with several excellent tracks that you can find on your favorite music app.

Why we aren’t as bad as we could be

“We know that bad things happen in the world around us. But we also know that things could be a lot worse than they are. We know that all people sometimes say, do, and think terrible things—including Christians. But we also know that no one is as terrible as they could be.” Why is this?

The Day I Lost My Marbles

Stephen tells about the day he lost his marbles (quite literally) and then draws out an important lesson from it.

The plateau curve

I think Rush Witt makes some important points here about pastors and longevity in their local churches. Basically, he encourages them to be willing to step aside when the time is right.

How Can I Become a Humbler Calvinist?

John Piper offers counsel on becoming a humbler Calvinist.

Want Rest? Start with a Humble Heart

Meanwhile, also on the subject of being humble, Sarah Hauser explains the connection between humility and rest. “Sometimes praying for rest is like praying for patience. If you’ve ever prayed for patience, maybe you’ll know what I mean. When I need to be more patient (pretty much all the time), what I really want is for God to shower me with loads of supernatural patience. … But my experience has been that instead of being infused with patience like I’m on an IV drip, what God often does is provide opportunities where I can practice patience. I want the quick fix, but God wants deep heart transformation.”

Flashback: Six Reasons Why Adultery Is Very Serious

Why is adultery such a serious matter. Christopher Ash provides six reasons in his book Married for God and I am going to track with him as we go.