An Update, a Journey, and a Vacation

I have just returned home from Louisville, Kentucky after dropping off my son for his freshman year at Boyce College. He is our eldest child, so the first to head to college. I’m sure someone tried to tell us just how hard it would be to drive away and leave him there, but wow, we still weren’t expecting that. We are confident he’s in a great school and that Boyce is an ideal environment for him. The students, staff, and faculty could not have done a better job at welcoming him and us. We are thrilled for the opportunity he has to study there. But still, we miss him something fierce. It was awfully sad to come home to a house with an empty room. I’ll be counting down the days until his fall break when we get to see him again. In the meantime, if you see him down there, give him a fist bump from me or something.

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Last week Aileen and I marked our twentieth wedding anniversary. To celebrate, she and I are heading overseas for just over a week. We will be conducting historical research for the first few days as part of my EPIC project, and anticipate traveling from Toulouse, France all the way to Konstanz, Germany, though most of our time will be spent in Switzerland. We will be looking for artifacts related to the Huguenots, John Calvin, Desiderius Erasmus, and John Hus. I’m sure we will see lots of other fascinating things along the way. Then, when we’ve been through all the museums, castles, and cathedrals, we will turn from historical research to sightseeing and photography and make our way along many valleys and up many mountains.

I am considering this a time of vacation, which means I will be posting only A La Carte articles through the week (and thus, no original articles or videos). The regular schedule of material will return the following week. I’m hoping this will also serve as a helpful break for my hands and arms which, unfortunately, are not getting a whole lot better. Time away from a keyboard does seem to help them, though.

Thanks for reading my site and watching my videos. It means the world to me and I look forward to bringing you some new stuff in a week!